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I was born with an artistic vocation in 1964 in Argentina and due to my maternal ancestry I am Italian. I chose to be a doctor, as well as an artist, and I developed both professions for more than thirty-five years, since they share ethical and aesthetic elements that make them complementary. I am inspired by my reality and the contexts in which I live and perform. Nature, human beings and their fundamental rights are, in addition to inspiration and themes of my works, reasons for action and concern. My means of expression are painting and sculpture.

To paint I use various materials, synthetic paints, oils, acrylics and watercolors on different supports such as paper, cardboard, wood, walls, canvas, this being the most used with mixed techniques. For the sculptures I choose wood as the main material. I also explore digital art through its different tools that offer infinite possibilities and combinations that provide an innovative instrument of expression and realization. Figuration and realism are present in my work, although I preferentially use abstraction as an instrument of synthesis.

Art is “impression”. It impresses our senses, our emotions, our way we look at others
and the world, our way of living life, enjoying and expressing our desires.

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